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In London and on a tight schedule? Visit these gems!


The world is on fire, viruses are spreading, Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family behind, and a lot of people are having a tough time to get on top of their sh*t this year. That’s why Grey – a London based advertising agency – invited me and a bunch of other students to a challenge. The goal? To do something good for the world. While doing so, I still found some time to explore London with my camera in hand. Let me show you my favourite places to visit when in London on a tight schedule!


Visit Tate Modern

As a creative (and a photographer), I’m always looking for inspiration. There’s no better place to find some than a museum. Tate Modern, in this case. A beautiful museum with a wide variety of art, modern and contemporary. The way these artists think is mind-blowing. It helped me and my team develop the mindset we needed for our challenge.

From beautifully crafted book covers, to a stunning rooftop view. Visiting Tate Modern allows you to see the entirety of London in a blink of an eye. You really get a glimpse of the city, and you don’t even need to travel that far!

Oh, and before I forget: it’s completely free!  


Must visit: London Eye and Camden Market!

After spending the majority of the afternoon in Tate Modern, it’s time for some fresh air. Step out to find yourself at the Thames river. It’s a thirty-minute walk from Tate to the London Eye, but well worth every step. Despite it being closed at night, the views are still stunning. During your walk you’ll pass an underground skate park. A totally different London experience than the hectic city you’re probably expecting.


London on a schedule


Another must is Camden town, and especially Camden Market. With lots of small shops and incredibly good food this is a no brainer. I mean look at this shot… Just go there!


Save time by traveling by subway

A good way to make your way around London is by traveling underground. Using the subway allows you to move quickly. Good luck finding out where to go, though… Lazy and got some extra cash laying around? Uber is a great alternative. You can find one on every corner. Be prepared for a weird experience since the Brits drive on the ‘wrong side’ of the road. It constantly felt like we we’re going to crash.


London Underground


A great ending to a great trip

On our last night, we went to Old Street Records. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera with me, but the vibes made up for it. The live music and great artists made this the perfect way to end our trip. I didn’t get to see much, but I chose wisely.


Got more time? Be sure to visit Piccadilly Circus, it’s like the Times Square of London. You can find some amazing buildings in this area, like the Shard, the Big Ben (which always seems to be under construction for some reason) and the Gotham building. Into culture? Sherlock Holmes actual home is also open for visitors.


So much to do, so much to see. All in all, London is an amazing city. It should be at the top of every bucketlist. Until we meet again, London.