how to style instagram feed

How to style your Instagram feed

Sometimes you come across someone’s Instagram profile and immediately fall in love with the beauty of their feed. How do they do it? And more importantly: how can you make yours look like this as well? Well, we’re here to help you out! Here are six easy steps to create your own beautiful and consistent Instagram feed #aesthetic.

1. Pick a topic

What do you want to post about?

Choose a few topics you are passionate about and stick to just those. We’d advise a maximum of three topics to keep it a bit contained. This way, your followers know what to expect. And you’ll gain new followers that specifically like your chosen niche. 

In need for some inspiration? Post about: travel, lifestyle, food, fitness, sports, health in general, fashion, design, nature and so on. The possibilities are endless! 

2. Choose your theme

What theme do you have in mind for your feed? 

The easiest thing to do when creating a theme is to pick one or two colours. This doesn’t mean that you can only use those colours. It means your chosen colours will appear in all of your photos. This way, all of your pictures will blend together perfectly. Choose your favourite colour, or a colour that’s easy to work with. Think black, white or blue. 

For example: this feed uses mainly blues and whites. 

how to style instagram feed


Other options: 

  • Go all black and white
  • Take the minimal approach 
  • Colour! 
  • Or plan your layout: 1 quote, 1 picture, 1 quote, 1 picture. You get the gist.


3. Choose a filter / preset 

And use it for all of your pictures. 

By consistently using the same filter or preset for your pictures you’re creating a whole. We’re still a big fan of the Aden filter in the Instagram app. Want to take it a step further? Buy or create your own Lightroom preset. The feed below was created by using the same preset on all the photos. 

planning instagram feed


Would you be interested in purchasing one of our custom presets? Let us know in the comments!


4. It’s all about quality 

So, make sure all your pictures are high quality. 

It’s been proven that high quality pictures result in better engagement. But always make sure your picture doesn’t go over 1080 pixels. This is the maximum resolution Instagram allows. When you go over, the quality that shows in the feed will be reduced a lot! Something to keep in mind! 

5. Mix it up! 

Instead of just posting pictures of your own face, every – single – time. Try to mix it up. By combining photos of yourself and/or other people with views and nature shots you’re creating serenity in your feed. 


instagram presets lightroom


6. Use apps 

Don’t just do whatever. Key in creating a consistent and beautiful Instagram feed is previewing your photos. Have an iPhone? Create a photo album. In this album you can drag and drop your photos around until you have something you’re happy with. 

Other examples are ‘Preview’ and ‘Unum’. With these apps you can plan your feed up front. Switch them around until you’re happy with the order! Both these apps allow you to plan your captions as well! 

Happy Instagramming!